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Source: Musings from Two-Sheds Gomer

Comments: Brendt notes that when the Church Report came out with the list of the Top 50 Most Influential Christians in America, some folks disagreed with the ‘influence’ of some on the list.  However, it seems Steve Camp didn’t question whether a number of them were influential, but whether a number of them were even saved in the first place.  And here I thought separating the wheat from the tares was a job of the Almighty…
Memorable Quotes:

To his credit, Steve Camp did not confuse the definition of the word “influential”. Rather, he has declared this:

According to my review of the list, 14 of the fifty listed by CR you couldn’t even consider as truly regenerated.

That’s right, boys and girls. Camp doesn’t call into question their influence as good or bad. He doesn’t even call into question their spiritual state. According to Camp, TD Jakes and 13 others are going straight to hell, not passing Go, and not collecting $200.

Am I the only one who finds it odd that someone who claims to be Reformed would make such statements about God’s election?

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