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I’ll first admit I’m unfamiliar with CRM Leadership. But a reading of their belief statement shows they are Trinitarian, hold to the inerrancy of Scripture, the Deity of Christ (and his Virgin Birth). They believe man is sinful and apart from faith in Christ will suffer an eternity separated from God. The primary purpose of the church, according to CRM, is to worship God, build up believers, and share the Gospel… so… they fit nicely with all the major tenants of the historic orthodox faith, right?

Not according to Dwayna Litz and CRN who tie them to Satanism – through one amazing leap of non sequitur logic.

Given CRM’s thoroughly biblical orthodox belief statement what does Dwayna and CRN draw on to make the connection? A CRM Leadership video showing their primary ministry using the theme of “One Thing.” The use of the phrase “one thing” as a repeating tag line, and probably worse, the song “One Love” by U2 as a background accompaniment are the offending acts.

According to Dwayna: “The Satanists have a favorite saying at Venice Beach. Guess what it is? ‘One Love’ (just like the song depicts in the Christian, emergent video).” And that’s the totality of her argument… and even that statement is undocumented. So, since the Satanists of Venice Beach use the phrase, it’s… I can’t even type it the logic is so incredulous. What power Dwayna gives these Satanists – the very power to affect a word’s ontological meaning.

Someone at CRN added a bit of commentary… too bad it lacks cogent logic as well. As usual, the commentator lifts a couple lines out of context and blasts them saying Satanists and Buddhists would love their inclusiveness. They choose to exclude the phrases “…with one purpose, the heath and effectiveness of the church” and “…no one should live in despair, not when Jesus Christ has come.” Yeah, that should sit pretty well with Satanists and Buddhists – healthy effective churches spreading the hope of Jesus Christ.

Anyway, the CRN commentator then makes an outlandish and unsubstantiated statement – the word “Hell” will never be mentioned. I wonder how they know this? Doesn’t matter that CRM clearly defines that those apart from Christ face an eternity separated from God.

I wonder why they ignore those phrases; I wonder why they pick and choose sound bites to create a false impression – most likely because it would not fit the argument.

Their motto could be, “If a quote does not fit, then the quote we will clip!”

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You really need to listen to Mike Corley’s latest program here.  He addresses the issue of how we can get people back into the church.  This is the epitome of the arrogance within the more fundamental community.  First he says that we need not get into a debate over style.  However, he goes on a long rant over how today people come to church dressed like “bums”, the church has smoke machines and disco lights, and makes the statement “we can’t pack the pews because we don’t have pews.  We have cushy chairs.”  He only mentions the “lack of the gospel” once, and gives no rationale behind his statement.  And this isn’t an argument about style?

Change is the issue here.  The discernment camp hates that word.  Change means that we give up outdated and irrelevant methods that many have come to love.  The sad thing is that people like Corley would rather hold on to their pews for their own comfort than create an environment where people are comfortable enough to relax and hear from God.  He makes the statement that “what is relevant today, won’t be relevant tomorrow”.  Exactly!  Then why on earth are we using methods suggested by the Sunday School Board circa 1950?

Mike’s answer to getting people back into church?  The gospel.

I say that what we DO with the gospel is going to get people into church.  It’s not enough today to say “God did it, the bible says it, I believe it.”  Yes, that works for many of us who are believers, but to a postmodern world that is nonsense.  We must continually hear the voice of God and create new roads to the His message to the people

Anyhow, I recommend listening specifically to 20:00 – 35:00 in the broadcast.  I am very interested in your take on this.

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