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Do Watchdawggies run?Greetings, all! Today, I ran (actually, walked, mostly) with my 15-year-old son in the Indianapolis 500 Festival Mini-Marathon with 34,999 other people (don’t worry, though, yoga-patrol members – it was not a full marathon, and Pan wasn’t mentioned…)

There was a very interesting object lesson within the race that we talked about afterward…

All along the race route there were a number of individuals, business and churches with bands, speakers, water and other items for the runners.

About a mile into the race, there was a guy with a sound-system shouting about hellfire and damnation at the top of his voice as the runners went by (though he didn’t have an actual bullhorn with him…)

A little ways further, there were 2 or 3 evangelical church groups and a Pentecostal church with live bands, music that helped us keep up a good pace, making the race a little bit more enjoyable.  Additionally, they had members lined up along the road cheering the weary runners on.  One of the churches, in particular, was just before the mid-way point, where doubt about the race and thoughts about sitting down and waiting for the “bus of shame” were creeping in.  They helped give a good dose of encouragement right where it was needed.

Then, near the 12-mile marker, there was a group of young men in long-sleeved white shirts, black pants and black name badges – Mormons – handing out water and encouraging folks down the home stretch.

After the race, I told my wife about this observation, and her reaction was simply – “how typical”.

There are a number of object lessons that could be pulled from this, so I will allow the reader to supply their own, and share it, if they would like…

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