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As I have been reading all of the senseless and uninformed articles on Christian Research Network, Apprising and Slice, I realized something pretty interesting.  Most of the men and women that write there are living life facing backwards.  Almost all of their writings are about what happened hundreds of years ago in Christendom.  They quote ancient writers, blog on historical hymn texts and always accusing someone of denying the reformation and the power there in.

There is rarely an article about what God is doing today and how he is working in his church in the present and future.  There are the occasional tidbits about John MacArthur’s mega-church, and even those have to do with him attacking a new movement of God.  For people who are so worried about a living and powerful truth being maintained and proclaimed, they sure aren’t doing much with it.

It’s sad that these men have dedicated their lives to the preservation of truth, but not the present and future proclamation and working out of that truth.  They live their lives looking backward at what God has done and protect their precious memories at all costs.  They attack modern music because hymns remind them of the good ol days.  They attack multimedia and technology in church because it wasn’t like the good ol days.  They attack new methods because they slowly see their comfortable way of doing church falling apart.  They will never know the excitement of seeing God work in the here and now because they are too busy reveling in the.

Don’t get me wrong.  I love to read the great writers of our faith.  I just completed a one year master’s course in church history, and have such a deep respect for men like Luther and Calvin and Watts.  However, the spirit of God is moving and active today.  I think Jesus would much rather have us live out an ancient-future faith.  Our lives grounded in the foundation of the past, but moving with the Spirit of God in his work today and the days to come.

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