Archive for May 18th, 2007

I have a few questions as I have been perusing through the wreckage at CRN and Slice.

  1. Where on earth do you get that the emerging community denies/rejects/is reversing the reformation?  I don’t know a single emerging church that would call for priests administering rites, indulgences, Latin translations of scripture, or a doctrine other than grace alone.  Yet, we are accused of it all the time
  2. Related to #1, how on earth are we going against the doctrines of grace?  Even us non-reformed evangelicals hold to the scriptures “for it is by grace you have been saved, thru faith and that not of yourselves.”  Us choosing to accept or reject the grace of God does not in any way diminish it
  3. You are constantly talking about how we deny absolute truth and the complete gospel.   Which parts of scripture is the emerging community as a whole denying (not just the renegade liberals) and what truth do we reject?
  4. How many people, if any, have you seen come to Christ in the last four months as a result of your web based para-church mini$try?
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