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This is a great post by Coop over at his blog.  It once again shows how Silva and others turn a blind eye when it comes to confronting their idols mentors in the faith.  I will say this, both articles linked were written by “editor”.  Ken Silva is listed as the general editor, which would naturally lead us to believe that he (the editor) wrote the articles.  Although it seems that someone is definately hiding behind the ambiguous title of “editor” over at CRN.  Regardless, using CRN logic, John MacArthur is in partnership with the publishers of the Satanic Bible!  Oh my!  Here’s the article:
If Rick Warren should boycott Zondervan then so should John MacArthur.

In recent posts (here and here) over at Christian Research Network, Rev. Ken Silva calls on Rick Warren to boycott Zondervan, the publishing house that prints his book The Purpose Driven Life. His reasoning behind this is that Zondervan is owned by News Corp, which is in turn owned by Rupert Murdoch. News Corp owns several pornography channels in Europe, and Rick Warren has apparently claimed to be Murdoch’s pastor (this is still hotly contested, and is not an issue I’m going to get into here). Among its other holdings, News Corp also owns HarperCollins, which publishes The Satanic Bible. So what?

I’m glad you asked.

Zondervan, owned by News Corp/Rupert Murdoch, who also owns the company that publishes The Satanic Bible, publishes two of John MacArthur’s books: The Gospel According to Jesus, and Charismatic Chaos. If Rick Warren should boycott Zondervan because of it’s connection to The Satanic Bible, then Ken (and other discernment ministries that have picked up this story) should call on John MacArthur to do the same. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

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Watchdawggie behind closed doorsApparently it is a slow “news” day with Slice 2.0.  Not content with the crass condemnation of an outreach ministry of ‘The Journey’ (which meets in a pub) from CR?N back in March, Ingrid decided to post a “news” item on the exact same reference article today.

I won’t take up much space here, since we responded to their tired legalism back in April, and since we tackled the subject of alcohol a second timeTWICE – when Ken went ballistic over Mars Hill (Seattle) Church’s use of the word ‘cervesa’ in a celebration flier, other than to say that Ingrid’s new article is a perfect example of how little she understands what a ‘church’ is. 

(Also, to note, she can’t even get the basic facts of the story correct – The Journey is a St. Louis church which has one outreach ministry called “Theology at the Bottleworks” which meets in a local pub.  They don’t consider this ministry to be a separate church, but just that – a ministry.  Ingrid acts as if this ministy IS the church, itself, in her rush to gossip judgement.)

That is a lot of things but it just isn’t church. Church is for the worship of a holy God by those with regenerate hearts. We don’t take church and worship to the local bar.

Uhm, Ingrid, the church is not a building or a meeting at a specific time and place during the week.  Each church is a local group of people who work together for the Kingdom and, as part of that kingdom living, worship their Creator.  Unfortunately, this single sentence reveals Ingrid’s stark ignorance of what the church is, and gives a glimpse into modern legalism which is only concerned with externals.

In this particular case, ‘Theology at the Bottleworks’ is a ministry OF the local church (The Journey), which seeks to find lost sheep at a place where lost sheep might congregate – rather than expect that those sheep might wander in to a meeting of the church, say, on Sunday morning.  It is the opposite of the “Seeker Sensitive” services she loves to sneer at, because it does not seek to attract non-Christians to come to where Christians are gathered, but instead to send Christians to where non-Christians might gather.

Unfortunately, as is par for her course, Ingrid completely misses the point in order to smear and snipe at Christians.

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