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Ken Silva teams up with a disgruntled former Mosaic church member to strike again against Erwin McManus. Ron Foster is apparently an “Apprising correspondent” who has done a very bad job of apprising McManus’ ministry. Here are a few of the many logical fallacies in this article.

Erwin said

“The greatest enemy of the movement of Jesus Christ is Christianity,” and “My goal is to destroy Christianity as a world religion and be a recatalyst for the movement of Jesus Christ.”

Apprising said

There are many who claim to be Christians but show no evidence of Christ being their Lord… But that’s not the kind of Christianity Erwin McManus is talking about. No, he’s talking about biblical Christianity. He’s talking about the Christianity of the Gospels, the Christianity of the Apostles, the Christianity that triumphed in the Reformation when certain godly men stood up for truth against Roman Catholic heresy… When Erwin says he wants to destroy Christianity, he is speaking of the Church of Jesus Christ that exalts God’s glory in justification by faith alone to the glory of God alone.

Right. So Apprising knows that McManus is really talking about destroying the gospels, justification by faith and the Christianity of the Apostles. Of course he wasn’t talking about a Christianity that puts the traditions and laws of man before the scriptures. I find it funny that in the same message in which Erwin said that quote, he also spoke out against the practices of the Roman Catholic Church. But I guess they didn’t want to research and publish that, right?

Erwin Said

“The practice of opening up the Bible and preaching verse-by-verse every Sunday and teaching doctrines that those who come already believe, and somehow think that that will transform society, you can’t find it in [the Bible].” Emphasis theirs.

Apprising Replies

Teaching doctrine isn’t biblical?

Huh? How did they get that from the quote above? Where exactly did he say that teaching doctrine isn’t biblical? I mean, if you read only their bolded words, you might get that. But Erwin said teaching doctrines every Sunday to people who already believe them will not transform society and you can’t find it in the bible. It’s true. I know plenty of people who can quote doctrine and scripture, go to church and hear it each week, but are not making a difference in their world. Erwin teaches out of the scriptures every week, so he obviously doesn’t believe that doctrine is not important… so I am still trying to figure out where they got this from.

Erwin said

“Christians love to get more and more information about God so they can know more and more without having to actually do anything about it.”

Apprising said

That’s his take on discipleship. He’s saying that conversion inherently brings all the “information” you need to know about doctrine, and all God is calling for now is action.

What!?! How does Apprising pull that out from that quote? Erwin is saying that faith without works is dead. We all know many Christians who go to a bible study every night of the week, but do nothing with the knowledge gained. He is certainly not saying that conversion brings all the information you need. I am really not too sure where they pulled that out from.

All throughout this article, Apprising twists and turns its way to an interpretation that suits their view of McManus. Most of the stuff they write is downright laughable, especially when you really know the heart and intent of Erwin. I find it ironic that Apprising is all ways accusing those darn emergents of misinterpretation. However, twisting and tweaking words is the only way that they can keep their Christian tabloid interesting.

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Greetings, all.

I am headed out of town, yet again, for a week out west, teaching art and music for the week.  I know that the other guys can hold the fort without me, but I would appreciate any prayers for travel mercies.

Grace and peace,


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While I commented further on these stories over on Fishing the Abyss this morning, I wonder if it would not be more effective to just provide three links and let the reader ‘do the math’:

James, the brother of Jesus

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FOX News: Respect for life?

So many lessons, so little time…

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