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need I say more?

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I thought I might respond to a few parts of C?N’s rebuttal to my post regarding the posters from pyromaniacs.  First off, I think their response perfectly illustrates my theory… they are fearful.  Why else would they satirize my ideas as “whining” about these posters?  In my opinion, I was more saddened by the state of their heart than whining about a message on a blog.  But, here are some of C?N’s statements and my response

1) ”Watch doggies” is only an artificial category because CRN does not consider ourselves such, and as far as I know neither does Pyromaniacs.

I know they do not consider themselves as such, but thousands around the country do.  Watchdogs are on assignment to keep the yard free from intruders.  It seems that many of these writers have taken it upon themselves to watch and protect the theological yard from anyone that disagrees with their very limited scope of theology.  As proven over and over, it really has more to do with style and preferences than doctrine and the movement of Jesus Christ.

2) just as John MacArthur has said the whole emerging church movement (i.e. their “doing church”) geared to a postmodern culture ”is a planned obsolescence.” On the other hand, the historic orthodox Christian faith we both preach is not bound by any culture whatsoever.

Notice it is not “just as Jesus said” yet once again, but “just as John MacArthur has said”.  Unfortunately these men are the ones that have tacked a culture onto Christianity that was never supposed to be there.  The German culture of the 1700s and the American culture of the 1950s have been so ingrained with their Christianity that they cannot separate the two.  As explained in my post here, it is impossible to separate the movement of Jesus Christ from the culture in which it exists.

Neighbor also errs when he speaks of, ”a world where truth is not only relative, but non existent,…” Presumably he means where the culture he seems so enamored with feels this way. But even so, a person’s perception that truth is relative does not alter the absolute fact that is is not. Something is either true, or it isn’t. And the Word of God is perfectly true whether one perceives it so or not.

Couldn’t have stated it better myself (except for the “enamored” part of it… I, unlike many others, actually accept the state of our culture.  I am enamored with lost souls that need salvation within our culture).  But now the problem is, how do you communicate a very real absolute truth to a culture that believes truth does not exist?  I am pretty sure that using a method created by the church over 200 years ago is not going to cut the mustard.  That, my friends, is at the heart of the emerging conversation.  But hey, if evangelism isn’t your thing, who cares?!?

For the record of the “research” network, my last name is Neighbour.

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