The writers at C?N have already proven here that they refuse to accept the truth of the emerging movements.  It has been proven here that men like Dan Kimball are not as unorthodox as our watch doggie brothers would paint them to be.  The same can be said about Erwin McManus.  Ron Foster, a new writer from C?N, attempts to debunk his former pastor as some type of raging mystic.  It’s funny to me how each emerging leader has been given their own stereotype by these guys… Bell is the guy who rejects scripture.  Kimball is the guy obsessed with culture and Erwin is the new-aged cult leader.  But I digress.

If you have a chance… go here and scroll down to the podcast for October 8th entitled “[Life's Toughest Questions] Is Faith Nonsense?”  Listen to the podcast and tell me if Foster’s assessment of the situation is valid.  It’s pretty much the same ol’ blah blah blah about not being reformed.  But, I am always weary of a watch doggie attacking someone when they have something like this in their bio

There, he joined and became a member and leader in Mosaic Church under Erwin McManus. By God’s grace and mercy, he and his family left Mosaic after seven years to find a church whose pastor taught and obeyed the whole counsel of God in both his preaching and in his theology of ministry and missions

For the record, the podcast entitled “[Life's Toughest Questions] What about Sex?” is a great talk on human sexuality.  Check it out as well.

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1   Russ N.
August 9th, 2007 at 6:30 am

Nathan – I subscribed to the Mosaic podcast a couple weeks ago and have been working my way through them. Good stuff. I thought the podcast [Life’s Toughest Questions] What about Sex? was particularly well-handled given the questions that came in from the members, regular attendees, and podcast-listening groups. They were tough questions and Erwin handled them with grace, humility, and a strong biblical backing.