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I think many of us easily have questions with McLaren’s theology. However, this statement from Ken Silva at C?N, entitled Brian McLaren of the Emerging Church is an Apostate and a Liar, is alarming. When McLaren was asked what he did when he had a crisis of faith in systematic theology, he responded with

It sounds trite, but I kept praying. I stayed close to God. I didn’t let my doubts about ideas pertaining to God drive me away from the God who was always far above and beyond my best ideas of God, not to mention my worst ones.

Ken’s immediate response was

Well Brian, I have a couple of questions for you: I have also “kept praying,” and I have “stayed close to God”; and the one true and living God of the Bible, “Who was always far above” has led me to believe that you are an apostate and a liar. So where do we go now Brian? Which of our existential and subjective experience is actually from God? How would we know?

I think that once again speaks for itself

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