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This is why I defend McLaren, even though in many ways I’m uncomfortable with him: His attitude towards homosexuals is far more Christ-like than the church has been in the past or the watchdoggies are now.

Here’s a helpful hint for those of you out there convinced that Spurgeon walked on water, and that everyone outside of your blogroll is an apostate, semi-pelagian, purpose-driven emergent. If you want to share the gospel with those who desperately need it, referring to them as “Sodomite”, “lavender”, and “limp wristed” is only going to drive them (and probably you) further from Christ.

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Hey everyone,

I am leaving tomorrow for South East Asia for a Global Leadership Conference that my community of faith is sponsoring.  We are having over 100 of our cross-cultural workers together for a time of refreshment, worship, equipping and celebration.  I covet your prayers, not only for our safety, but that these workers will truly have an opportunity to rejuvenate and be empowered to go back to the very dark places the are called to.  Thanks!

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