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In the most recent This American Life podcast, Rachel North, a survivor of the 7/7/05 bomb blast in North London, started blogging about her experience. It was catharsis. She gained popularity and other survivors started contacting her. She formed a support group for survivors.

However, things stared getting weird. People started leaving bizarre comments on her blog. She tracked the comments down to a blog that promoted the idea that the bomb blast was all a huge conspiracy theory created by the UK government to cover up a power surge.

Rachel decided to confront the conspiracy theorists. She began posting comments to contradict their “facts”. They began to refer to her as “it” because they didn’t think she was real but, in fact, a made up person created by MI5. They even started taking her blog and using it as “evidence” that it was a power surge, and not a bomb that blew up. The bus bombing was staged as well, with actors.

She even went to a meeting with the conspiracy theorists. That was a mistake. She was quickly shouted down. The theorists accused her of being insane and even being involved with the explosion.

It just struck me that is is how these blogging wars have been similar. Rick Warren, Rob Bell, Dan Kimball, all are a part of a vast Satanic conspiracy. Somehow, the watchdoggies tie everything together, and it usually somehow involves the Catholic Church behind everything. Dan Brown would be proud.


If it’s not the Catholic Church taking over everything, then it’s the Muslims. This is a truly humorous article. The comments are priceless.

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