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This is a one of the most disturbing comment from a critic. One gets the feeling that the critic would rather punch a homosexual in the face instead of showing them the love of Christ. AIDS is our disease, not a gay disease.

I don’t know where you’ve been for the last 25 years but I remember very distinctly where AIDS came from and when it all started in the early 1980’s. The first reported cases of AIDS came from the homosexuals and for years it was exclusively the domain of homosexuals, transmitted through sodomy. The disease exploded in numbers due to the horrifying and revolting promiscuity of homosexual males where they can have hundreds of partners over the course of a year’s time. This is why the disease began spreading like wildfire. By the mid to late 1980’s the disease had spread to hemophiliacs who were infected by the criminal negligence of the homosexuals who then donated blood for money to the blood banks of this country. From the hemophiliacs it then spread to IV drug users, many of whom were also homosexuals. Then because of re-used needles hetero drug users were infected. From there women were infected by their drug-using hetero partners and now, it’s also in the hetero community. AIDS is a horrifying disease, caused and spread by the sin of sexual promiscuity. Millions of innocent people were infected as a result of the sexual sin of its origination.

Don’t you ever come on this blog and spread foolish propaganda that AIDS isn’t a “gay disease”. Sir, it isn’t anymore because the “gay” individuals, living in moral revolt against God’s laws, began this disease and continue to spread it, all the while trying to lump it in with cancer and heart disease. Just another disease. Hogwash.

I would suggest you do some research on the etiology of HIV in the West. A good place to start would be with researcher Dr. Paul Cameron, the same medical researcher who coined the term “Second-hand cigarette smoke” when he testified before congress on the issue.

Thanks Zachary Forrest y Salazar

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Is the United States a Christian Nation? Are we the new Israel? If one looks at, this would be one conclusion you might come to. The entire look and feel is about the American flag and the red, white, and blue. In addition, some of the comments about the Hamtramck, Michigan news story also suggested an paranoid patriotism. The critics think they are not only protecting the Church in America, they are protecting the “manifest destiny” of this country.

It seems that our country actually has some very syncretistic roots. It was a mix of humanism, deism, and Christianity. For example, Thomas Jefferson not only owned slaves, he was also a devout deist. One of his most infamous works was the Jefferson Bible, his version in which he removed the miracles and resurrection because he didn’t believe Jesus was God. Some Unitarian/Universalist churches even use the Jefferson Bible as their pew bible.

Yes, there were Christians who helped found our country. But to claim that we are a special country that God loves more than others is really reaching. And to devout energy to keeping the infidels out seems like a waste of time and unscriptural. God is bringing the harvest to us. Shouldn’t we pray that we are prepared to share His Truth with whomever our new neighbors are?

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