The anonymous editor over at has issued a call for some more LAPD theology.

This was written in response to this article. You can immediately see why there’s such hostility towards it. After all, the author calls into question the entire ministry philosophy of the watchdawggies:

My passionate desire is to be a bridge builder in the Southern Baptist Convention. Not to compromise biblically. Not to be soft in my theology. I desire true collaboration with those of uncompromising biblical certitude to reach a lost world with the gospel of our Savior. My prayer is that the conservative resurgence will now grow into a Great Commission resurgence.

But our witness is compromised when a spiritually lost world sees us fighting with one another, when they see unloving words hurled without restraint, when they see terse comments cloaked in civility – when they see little evidence of Christian love.

Would you pray with me that the world will see us as men and women who love the Lord with all of our hearts, and who love one another? Will you be a part of the conversation that shifts from negativity to Great Commission obedience?

I ask: Will you be a person who speaks a truth in love in such a way that your comments glorify God and are found acceptable to Him?


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1   Henry (Rick) Frueh
August 21st, 2007 at 8:35 pm

Does it not break God’s heart that we cannot discourse with resect and love, and with a sensitivity to unsaved onlookers? All of us have fallen short at times, but many don’t even see the need.

Like a sighted man taking a blind man’s hand and guiding him to a chair, only to hear the blind man ridicule other blind men who haven’t found the chair. Such are the doctrinal purists who demean and scorn any journeymen who have not arrived at their place, as if they have found the place through their own efforts. And many of these erroneously claim to believe the doctrines of grace.

2   Julie
August 21st, 2007 at 9:11 pm

Reginald Denny.

He got the brick in the head.

What’s the analogy here? I just feel like there is one…

3   JohnD    
August 22nd, 2007 at 2:43 pm

Christianity Today got it right in the current issue: these so called “watchdogs” are really the “Attack Dogs of Christendom”.