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I love reading articles like this one from the watchdoggie blogs. Once again, they have to dig pretty deep for new material to keep their tabloid headlines fresh. First they accuse Rick Warren of “boasting of the grand success of Saddleback.” Of course if Johnny Mac was to write an article about his mega church successes, it wouldn’t be boasting at all, right? Then they attack these five tools Saddleback uses to develop spiritual maturity within their community of faith.

1. Commitment cards

2. Classes based on the purposes

3. Covenants

4. Small groups

5. Campaigns

This website follows up this list with the following response

Whats strangely missing from Warren’s steps is the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit, the Word of God, the Gospel, denial of self, sacrifice, repentance and on and on. In other words, whats missing here is any mention what God’s Word says about maturing as a Christian. Sadly what you can find is Rick Warren’s self-serving, man-pleasing purpose driven lie.

I’m sure that Saddleback does not allow any of those topics to be discussed in their classes. I bet they only discuss how to sit correctly in their comfy chairs and make the perfect latte… nothing about the trinity or the gospel. Also, I am almost positive that I read somewhere that Saddleback forbids their small groups to open the scriptures in their studies (specifically banning the topics of repentance and denial of self). Above all… they would never discuss biblical principles like – oh, say… worship, evangelism, discipleship, missions and fellowship within the five contexts given.

Come on guys… is it really that difficult to find legit material?


The author over at Slice decided to chime in with this

This column from Rick Warren on how his church develops spiritual maturity goes a long way in explaining what’s wrong with Purpose-Driven churches. After reading the Saddleback strategy of using “commitment cards”, small groups, “purpose” classes, signed covenants and campaigns, it is clear that spiritual maturity in the mind of Rick Warren is a matter of getting followers to jump through programmatic hoops, not intense study and discipleship rooted in the Word of God.

incredible! Especially after the comment by Dan here showing what Saddleback teaches just in their membership manual.  I really think it is time that “research” be taken out of these guys web names.

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Let us remember that on this day our wonderful Lord rose from the dead. And in an incredible act of unsearchable grace, He has made provision for our resurrection based solely on His righteousness and in spite of our own unrighteousness. Have a blessed Lord’s Day and worship Him alone!

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