Monday Morning Insights brings to you this conversation. My favorite bit:

Pastor: “The label ‘emerging church’ is used to describe a lot of different things, and I know some emerging church leaders are pushing the envelope with their theology, but I don’t think Erwin McManus is one of them. To tell you the truth, I’ve never really considered McManus part of that movement. I think his books are just packaged and marketed to that crowd. I don’t think you have to worry about his theology. Have you ever read one of his books?”

Church member: “No, but I don’t have to. I listen to Chuck Colson on the radio and he says the emerging church is dangerous. It’s not something we should be messing around with, and the fact that you’d quote an emerging church pastor in your sermon is very alarming.”

What is it with criticizing what you haven’t read?

Here’s a bit more from the author, separate from the conversation:

I’ve had my share of confrontations with Christians that adhere to radio-orthodoxy. I recognize they measure every sermon I preach against what is beamed through the airwaves. But I have yet to discover a pastoral way of handling their unquestioning faith in the disembodied voices they hear on the commute to work everyday.

I’m not calling for a revolt against Christian radio stations (although I don’t listen to them personally). I recognize that many people are blessed and encouraged by the programming offered through the radio. However, the voices coming through the speakers seem to be monotone. Without multiple perspectives and thoughtful dialogue around important issues facing the church (social, political, missional, or familial) listeners are left to believe the Christian position is cut and dry, black and white. And those who dare to question this perspective, as I did with my disturbed church member, are given a verbal lashing that ends with “thus saith the radio!”

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1   iggy
August 30th, 2007 at 10:39 am

I had a good laugh over the “conversation”.

I remember the best part of the Bible Answer Man (radio show with Walter Martin) He would encourage people to read the bible and study out the different cults… he would give great resources…

Now, we have the world’s first cessasionist prophet (as team pyro’s Frank Turk has come to defend Ken at my blog and other places and he is a cessasionist) and Ingrid the final authority of spin!

I listened to an interview with Tony Jones on Crosstalk and even though Tony answered her question “what is you final authority” with “scripture, cultural context, historical context”… and so on, all she wanted to her was “the bible” (which is what I though scripture was) and then with Bob Dewaay rake Tony over the coals for denying truth and many other things… even the scriptures authority…

Russell Moore also has done this to Tony only with him, he told Tony what Tony believed and never once listened to what Tony actually stated…

I have heard this on “Way of the Master” when John MacArthur takes Brian McLaren statement out of context and calls all the “qualifiers” setups to teach falsehood.

Yet, when I put the JM Youtube interview with Larry King, I am told I am taking JM’s comments out of context as he has written “books” on the topic… I just wonder then why if JM is an authority that he states the opposite of what he means in that interview… so it seems to me that the “context” is important only on their side…

Now, I also noticed that often I am told “I don’t need to read (fill in your emerging teacher) as I have read so and so and he says….” Yet I am told when I state I don’t need to read a post/article/book that I am unteachable and arrogant! LOL! They never give the credit that maybe I have studied out what I am talking about and the articles they recommend (when I go to them) are usually so shallow that they really are a waste of my time to read! LOL!

OK, I got a few things off my chest… he he yet this continual doublespeak/double standard seems to give those who call themselves “discernment” ministries or interview shows… like CrossTalk less and less credibility if you do know what the people they are attacking are saying.

I keep asking for direct quotes and such to back up many of the accusations and no one has yet shown me one…. like MaClaren/Tony Jones/Doug Pagitt and on and on, condones homosexuality and says “it is good/ok”… or that they “totally deny” substitutionary atonement…

Be Blessed,

2   David C
August 30th, 2007 at 11:15 am

Wow, Colson is one of the big names on the heresy list. Silva and Ingrid hate him, so how did he become the church member’s hero?

3   chris
August 30th, 2007 at 12:09 pm

Iggy I posted that JMac video on my blog and had a commenter argue with me with the same rational.

Funny; a memo must of went out on how to handle JMac clear misuse of scripture.