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It seems we’re not the only ones who find Team Pyro’s tactics more than a little ridiculous.


At some point you’d think that when everyone other than your reflexive supporters are either rebuking you or ridiculing you that you’d drop the entire schtick. I expect that Phil Johnson’s absolute, unshakable faith in himself remains, so expect to see some more posters from him.

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* To aggressively attack anyone with whom I disagree

* To call people demeaning names of derision

* To overstate my ministry and importance

* To question the salvation of believers

* To pepper my writings with mean and insensitive vitriol

* To present everyone with whom I disagree as a willful apostate

* To suggest that God was on my side

* To get enjoyment from revealing the misfortunes of others

* To ride the blog waves as the truth sheriff

* To so misrepresent the grace and mercy of the Lord Jesus that even the world cannot but be aghast at the unloving destruction from within the one institution they assumed would always err on the side of grace.

If these were my only options…but I thank the love and grace of my Lord Jesus that not only are these not my only options, they are not options at all. That is if I desire to reflect Christ within His body and to the world at large.

Let us crucify ourselves and resurrect HIM alone in our lives

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