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Same old crappy audio quality, although the intro music sounds a lot worse than the actual podcast, which is weird. Hopefully that will be fixed in our next batch of podcasts.

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10. Make sure everyone else does it exactly like you

9. Attack from a position of strength, remember, you are not learning – you know

8. Become obsessive with research, not about the Bible, but about people

7. Like an infomercial, gather a hand picked audience to over-approve your every word

6. Only speak of Jesus as a doctrinal object who is on your side

5. Never admit repentance yourself, you now have put away childish things

4. Search for personal sin and when you find it quickly expose it as proof of your view

3. When a devotion is necessary, copy it from someone else, it will save time

2. Do not let humility get in your way, it only dulls your Sword

1. Watch out for the verses about mercy, forbearance, grace, love, gentleness, patience, brotherhood, comfort, intercession, brokenness, weeping, unity, meekness, compassion, and Christlikeness, these are land mines that will keep you from your objective.

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From here:

To say, “This man is an Arminian,” has the same effect on many hearers, as to say, “This is a mad dog.” It puts them into a fright at once: They run away from him with all speed and diligence; and will hardly stop, unless it be to throw a stone at the dreadful and mischievous animal.

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From John MacArthur himself:

Well, that would depend on how the yoga is conducted. If it’s just purely exercise and you’re a strong Christian, it probably wouldn’t have any impact on your faith.

Wow, so it’s ok after all? MacArthur later clarifies his statement by saying that he is opposed to the “emptying of the mind”.

The “editor” of CR?N has no comment on this video, although I’d like to hear their opinion on MacArthur’s opening sentence. Be prepared for the backpedal.

YouTube Preview Image
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This post on CR?N which is in its entirety a Dietrich Bonhoeffer quote, is something I would agree wholeheartedly. I think discipleship is something that churches of all varieties need to focus more on. It is hard to disagree with the “Editor” on that point.

The thing that confuses me is comparing the idea expressed in that post to the ideas expressed in this article from the “Editor” a few days ago. That article linked to this Bob DeWaay post that talks about “pietism” in his words. Now the “pietism” that DeWaay is going after is largely a straw man in my mind, because I know many Christians who are not from the Reformed persuasion, and none of them would say they are saved by works like DeWaay is implying. Also, I don’t think any of them think of themselves as “elite” Christians.

It seems to me that “picking up our cross” as described in the Bonhoeffer quote involves us making a conscious decision; it involves action on our part. God does not just lay it on our backs. So once again, whoever the elusive “editor” is at CR?N, he or she seems to be talking out of both sides of his or her mouth.

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We’ve got a lot of people from a lot of different backgrounds here. I thought I’d open up a topic for posting links to sermons, devotions, writings, podcasts etc. that have edified and encouraged you. Just a couple of things.

1. This is not an opportunity to persuade others, it is an opportunity to show your perspective. I ask that links go to resources that are generally “pro” as opposed to “anti”.

2. Don’t link to yourself. As much as I”d love to point everyone to my sermons lets avoid the appearance of self-promotion.

Alright then, I’ll go first. Over the last few weeks I’ve been using this Catholic lectionary. I enjoy the variety of scripture readings and its an easy resource to snap myself out of studying scripture for practicality (ie only studying what needs to be studied for sermon preparation).

Personally I’d prefer podcasts, but post whatever it is that has edified and encouraged you.

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