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In the wake of Rick’s post about the error of the doctrine of limited atonement Mike Ratliff responds. The most interesting thing about his response is that, rather than exegete scripture, he posts a Spurgeon sermon.

Chris’ article about the failures of systematic theology are evident here. At some point the system takes over as authoritative. Every bit of scriptures is hammered until it fits the system, and individuals are measured against the system. The result is that if the systematic theology is flawed there’s no way to reform it as scripture is twisted to fit it, and individuals who disagree are labeled apostates, heretics, and hell bound.

Check out the comment by Paul on that post:

BTW, we read the sermon by Spurgeon and it is GREAT! There are a few that commented that need to read it word for word,slowly,and let it soak in.

He might as well have said, “turn in your Bibles to the 1st book of Spurgeon, 2nd chapter, 3rd verse.”

Every few generations there’s a “back to the Bible” movement. Calvinism, Lutheranism, Methodism, the Restoration Movement and many others started that way, then at some point tradition takes over as authoritative and in the next generation we start all over again. Today many of the independent evangelical churches that have started, as well as the e/e movements are breaking away from churches that have made their systematic theology authoritative. The real irony is that in the modern day reformation playing out the watchdoggies are playing the role of the Catholic church, and the people they despise are playing the role of Calvin, and Luther. Sort of makes you wonder if C?N was around in 1546 what names they would have called Luther (the odds seem to favor “Hollow man of the reformation”).

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