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Sovereignty. The dictionary defines it as the “freedom from outside interference and the right to self-government”. Now of course that refers to earthly nations and rulers and is completely limited in its scope. Limited by the mind of man and the measurable operations in this world. But the sovereignty about which I will be dealing is the sovereignty of Almighty God, an eternal and complete sovereignty that is separate from any and all examples of what we consider sovereignty upon this three dimensional planet called earth. It is basically defined as God does whatever He pleases without any consultation from any outside sources. He sees all, knows all, does all, directs all, and the greater revelation about sovereignty is beyond human definition and understanding, it will always remain within the Godhead. God is all in all forever.

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Seems our usual watchdoggies like what Mark Driscoll had to say.

Of course what they don’t post is that Driscoll praised Dan Kimball, and Donald Miller as orthodox.

And what they failed to mention was that Driscoll blamed people like the watchdoggies for the decline of churches in the US due to their obtuseness in reaching an entire generation.

While we’re on the subject let me just say that the attitude of the watchdoggies is sin (and this is much bigger than just the watchdoggies, they’re just the leftover dregs of a generation that abandoned a whole lot of people to hell because they turned their particular church’s culture into an idol). While they whine and complain about individuals distorting the gospel, they’ve been busy burying it in the attitudes and cultures of yesteryear. I used to think that this was essentially a matter of Christian freedom that watchdoggies were pushing as required. I’ve revised that thought. There is no freedom in Christ to hide the gospel, not even if, for whatever reason, you want to preserve the non-Biblical aspects of the church your grandparents took you to when you grew up. The attitudes of the watchdoggies that were perpetuated by Christian leaders of the last generation that have resulted in the church hiding the gospel from our culture is every bit as much a deliberate lifestyle of sin as the guy who was sexing up his (hopefully step) mother in 1 Corinthians 5.

I don’t know why picking and choosing which part of Driscoll’s message they agree with would surprise me. They already do it with scripture. The only difference is that when they did it with scripture they lost an entire generation because of style.

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Given that AM has published a poster child of this fallacy today, I have added to the “Appeal to Authority” logical fallacy to our section on “The Use of Logic”.


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