Bad Dawggie![Advance apologies for readers who don't appreciate stories from the arena of sport. However, I've had several things come my way - or back to mind - in the past day, each of which seems relevant to recent discussions on Christian living...]

In a blast from the past this weekend, I ran into a few dads of kids from a youth football team my son, Jordan, played on in 2001. While names have been changed in this story to protect the innocent and guilt, alike, I’m pretty sure those involved will recognize the characters.

Corey was an unnaturally big kid for his age and was chosen to be the quarterback. He was naturally gifted with some athletic skill, but regardless, he was still a 5th grader with about 2 years experience under his belt. During every practice and every game, his step-dad would pace the sidelines shouting at him “Corey! You’re doing it wrong!” in as many words or more. Not only was this guy loud and obnoxious, but if he had any experience with football, it had most likely been back when he could still see his feet without a mirror.

Jason, on the other hand, was not the biggest kid, but what he lacked in size, he made up for in intensity. When he was on defense, you could count on him always being within a couple feet of the football. His dad would cheer him on from the sidelines, walking up and down the field, parallel with the team. If Jason missed a key tackle, a “shake it off!” could be heard, along with a word of encouragement when he came to the bench. A couple of times, I saw Jason and his dad working through some sort of technique or parent-son coaching off to the side.

My clearest memory of the season came from near the end of the season. After fumbling the ball and weathering a verbal tirade of “you’re doing it wrong” from the sideline, Corey walked to the sideline, drop-kicked his helmet and walked off in disgust. Meanwhile, I overheard Jason’s dad nearby telling his son “don’t worry about it – we’ve got to deal with what we’re dealt”.

What a teachable moment this was for my son, and for others there on the field.


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1   Rick Frueh
September 30th, 2007 at 6:09 pm

A lesson I learned over one year ago about Rick Warren. I disagree with him an many levels, but the Lord chastened me about counting the many good things he does for nought. Jesus was filled with truth and grace, just when I zero in on truth I lose my grace, and when I zero in on grace I compromise truth.

I will get it right one day and then share it with you guys. Oh yea, then I will have sacrificed humility. OK, a journey not a destination, I get it.