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Reckless worship. When a sinner realizes, even in an understandable morsel, who he was and who he is now in Christ, what hindrances could there be to his open worship to the Redeemer? Just a shallow understanding of God’s grace and love toward us should bring forth unbridled expressions of worship that completely overwhelm any feelings of discomfort in a public forum. Why should we care if those who know not our Savior think us peculiar and overly demonstrative in our worship? And why do we hold back our worship during the day while we give the honor to the things of this world? What an honor to be allowed to praise Jesus, our Master.

There should be times where His presence so overwhelms us that we just bow in holy silence without sometimes even meditating on anything specific, His presence is enough. There are times when we cannot control our emotions and we must weep openly because of our gratefulness to the Savior for our own redeemed condition purchased upon His own sacrifice. There are times when we should dance, so taken by joy that we cannot remain still. A dance that doesn’t resemble the version the world uses like mating calls, but a sanctified whirling and jumping that demonstratively reveals what we are experiencing inside our hearts at that moment. There should even be times when we are brought to our knees, even in the midst of a gathering in which no one else feels led to manifest the same position. In those times our hearts are broken before God and with Holiness being revealed to us, like Isaiah, we are undone with our own uncleanness and simply in a sacred awe before the Risen Christ. Read more…

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