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Based on this post, I think someone should really inform the “editor” of the definition of hypocricy.  I just find it more than funny that a site that routinely parrots pastors, both dead and living, is complaining about pastors using each other’s material.

This is also coming from the anonymous “editor”, so we have no idea who this is talking, anyway.

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The Scriptures, New and Old Testament alike, are replete with admonitions, commandments, exhortations, directions, requirements, laws, and dictates from God to man that openly and unquestionably reveal than man has a responsibility before God. Now everyone believes a saved man is responsible to God, the question is does a lost man have a responsibility toward God or does his sinful condition render him totally dead and unable to be accountable at all? Is the sin of Adam the only act a sinner must answer for or are there acts of his own volition for which he is responsible toward God?

Let me focus on one particular letter from the Apostle Paul, a piece of doctrinal literature that many feel is the single most complete theological treatise in all the New Testament. It is the book of Romans which is a masterpiece of doctrinal revelation especially concerning the lostness of man and the gospel itself. Let us begin with the first chapter in which God gives us a tiny but illuminating glimpse into God’s interaction between Himself and lost man.

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Watchdawggie fresh back from candy procurementBack at the beginning of October, we posted an informal ‘contest’ of sorts to guess the following:

guess the number of articles from the following ODM sites that reference the “evils” of Halloween during the month of October:

Well, the results are in, and are pleasantly surprising. Here’s the tally:

  • CR?N – 0
  • AM – 0
  • Old “Truth” – 0
  • TeamPyro – 0.5
  • SoL 3.0 – 0

Perhaps after the deluge from Sol 1.0 in 2006, enough had been said on the subject (or we helped to pre-emptively staunch the flow in some bizarre form of reverse-psychology). Regardless, the total was nil.
So, from the thread, the winner is:

Iggy (he guessed 6, which was the lowest guess).

Congratulations ;)

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