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The latest “research” over at C? consists of copy and pasting a review of Rob Bell’s The gods aren’t angry tour. It is offered uncritically, without counter-point, and with no additional commentary. In other words, without anything resembling research whatsoever. Of course, the fact that the review offered fit perfectly with C?’s skewed view of the world was helpful to not looking any further into the issue. The conclusion offered was:

“And this is the fundamental problem with Bell’s message. The Bible says that the wrath of God is continually being revealed against ungodliness. In other words, God is still angry. And Bell did an enormous disservice because the people did not hear the gospel, and they were not told to flee the wrath to come.”

This obvious blindspot on the part of C? being the case I thought I might take a look around and see what some other perspectives had to say. And here’s what I found taken from the notes of an attendee to the Chi-town show:

In Hebrews, the author talks about the sacrifice Christ made by giving His life, and how His life was the final sacrifice to reconcile God and mankind. He did away with the old system and ushered in the culmination of the ages so everyone could understand the ultimate reality… that they could see God in a whole new way.
God made peace through Christ with all things on heaven and earth. He changed everything for everybody.

And then there’s this one:

He talked about the nature of Christ’s death was to do away with God’s anger. The early church kept rituals as a way of reminding themselves of what Jesus did on the cross.

And then there’s this one:

God is not angry, in fact, through the death and resurrection of Jesus, he has brought peace between us and Him.

And then after that I got bored of reading blog entry after blog entry after blog entry that repeated the same thing over and over again. Instead I started wondering how it was that seemingly everyone who saw Bell speak came away with the message that God isn’t angry because of the work of Christ except for angry reformed watchdoggies. And then, I read the summary on the The Gods Aren’t Angry Tour webpage :

this is new material that Rob hasn’t taught before, exploring how humans invented religion to make themselves feel better.

And I realized, the watchdoggies didn’t see the gospel because they weren’t looking for the gospel. They were looking for the reformed religion they’ve invented to make themselves feel better.

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