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In this article, linked to at both CRN and Slice, Truth Matters attempts to show how externals are much more important than the message you preach. Lititz Grace Church is doing a series called “McWorship”. It appears to be addressing the modern trend of feel-good, quick and simple worship that takes place in many churches today. They are using the metaphor of fast-food culture to show how many today treat church like a trip to McDonald’s… you’re way, right away. Sounds pretty ODM friendly right?

Guess again. They attacked this church for using a McDonalds set design in their auditorium. Apparently God has a list of approved decor for stage. I also find it funny that this ODM had little to say about the content of the sermons. This church used drama and stage design — they obviously care very little for the Word of God, right? I mean, decorating a church like a fast-food restaurant obviously means that they will be speaking more about a Big Mac than the scriptures, true?

Once again… methods matter much more than the message to these ODMs. Kudos Ingrid, on raising a son that not only has an advanced reading level, but seems to be becoming equally judgemental

update: thought I would add some comments from the commenters

  • If John MacArthur came to church, the pews would be over filled with people wanting to hear the unaduterated Word of Jesus Christ…So, the seeker church chooses the Sandwich over the preacher because they have the false theology that the church is primarily for evangelizing.
  • I’m not speaking of the true church, but the visible, modern day church that has no clue about church history and true worship of the early church, the puritans, and the reformers. Next, we’ll have choirs wearing those red pig tails(Wendy’s). God help us. Lord come quickly.
  • Go to these “churches” for babies milk and 99% false conversions….You need radical change in America.  Glad I’m not in the States.
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