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Where buildings are the church.

No wonder she’s confused about who’s part of the church, she thinks Jesus died to save buildings.

My church leases out its space to anyone who wants to use it as a service to the community, as long as they don’t damage the property, and pay the heating/cooling cost you can rent our building for most any type of event. Weddings, bridal showers, birthday parties, and concerts.

In this particular case, when I was approached about the use of our building two months ago, I asked the kid organizing it all to ask the bands to avoid the FCC related words that Ingrid is so concerned about. I realize she loves to adhere to the world’s version of morality, so that should ease her troubled mind.

Oh, and its nice to see that Christianity’s own low rent version of Richard Nixon is still doing her best to dig up dirt on your’s truly. Of course if she had bothered to email me, then she’d have known what was going on. Instead she continues to be an accuser of the saints. At this point her work is far more satanic than this particular band’s.

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I thought it was interesting that both CR?N and Slice failed to report the whole story on the McLean Bible Church New Years Party. The purpose wasn’t just safe fun.

From Christian Post:

In addition to fun, students were educated about the effects of AIDS on children in Africa. Under the theme “My Resolution: Save Africa,” students greeted the New Year by joining in the battle against the AIDS crisis.

The event encouraged participating teens to help raise money to build at least four orphanages in Uganda for those who lost parents to AIDS. Students fundraised through selling bracelets, t-shirts, and soliciting sponsorship from neighbors and local businesses ahead of the event.

Furthermore, $5 from every ticket sold was donated to the Home of Hope Orphanage in Africa fund. Overall, the fundraising goal is to raise $25,000 to build homes for the AIDS orphans.

Honestly, since Ingrid has declared AIDS a gay disease, it’s no wonder she is opposed to helping children who suffer from consequences of AIDS.

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Anyone else find it telling that Ingrid refers to the church as “little ladies with Bibles”.

It speaks volumes about the demographic shift of the type of church she runs in.

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