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An excellent run down from Brant.

Read the whole thing, but here’s a brief excerpt (I think that’s redundant).

His crucifixion and resurrection were, obviously, central to this message. Instead of setting us politically free, He set us truly free — free from just punishment of our rebellion, free from death itself.

Jesus’ plan was bigger than that of His people at the time. His teaching gave us a way to be set free, here and now, from ourselves; from our sin, anger, bitterness, lust, envy, lack of contentment. (Read the Sermon on the Mount with that in mind, in Matthew 5-7.) The Kingdom was announced then, with Jesus telling people how happy (”blessed” in some translations) various on-the-outs groups would be that the Kingdom was here.

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Watchkittie secretly participating in worshipWhile I can’t say that it is, stylistically, my cup of tea, I am somewhat familiar with Buckhead Church (one of the three Northpoint Church campuses in Atlanta, under the senior pastorship of Andy Stanley). Buckhead is located in urban Atlanta, and has a demographic similar to that of Mars Hill, Seattle (read – young, energetic, highly artistic, located in a highly unchurched area, etc.).

In November, they had a short series of messages called “Illusions”, which dealt with (Part I) being decieved by our own “goodness”, and (Part II) trying to project a spotless image contrary to your inner nature – including your sin. It was preached by the campus pastor, Jeff Henderson.

Here is a YouTube clip of the opening of the series (which is apparently beyond what is allowed by the gatekeepers of all that is ‘holy’):

YouTube Preview Image

Like I noted, stylistically it would probably not fit in with the worship services in my community, but I know a number of people who attend – or have attended – the Northpoint campus churches, and I praise God that He has raised up communities like these to serve him. Sadly, living, vibrant, God-loving churches are offensive to some folks who will pretty much find anythingno matter how petty – to criticize.

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