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After reading this article from Apprising Ministries, I finally understood what they are trying to say to the world. Essentially they are pushing that God is incapable of awakening spiritually dead people through the power of the gospel. I mean, it appears that their assessments of those who communicate the movement of Jesus Christ to the dead are seemingly wasting their time. You see, my good friend is a film maker and a follower of Christ, who will be attending the Rethink Conference this week with me. The language that his friends speak is film. It is their life, occupation, passion, drive and culture. So, it would make sense that Joe would be interested in hearing from Rupert Murdock, and learning what is new and innovative in his field. Not so that he can make the next latest and greatest film, but so that he can make the next latest and greatest film that will point people to the person and character of Jesus Christ. Through his work, he can create a great entry point for conversation about the gospel.

There seems to be a false dichotomy that Apprising makes here. They separate culture and innovation with the preaching of the scriptures. Ironically, while they preach this message, they would never actually adhere to it. You see, years ago someone had to attend an event where they began to “rethink” the use of the internet for reaching people for Christ. It was this reevaluation of technology, culture and innovation that allowed Apprising to even have a voice today.

No one comes to Christ in a cultural bubble. Early on, preachers rented theatres and lecture halls to preach the gospel… unimaginable until someone decided to rethink locations. Later, tracts were printed to communicate the gospel… unimaginable until someone decided to rethink the printing press. Then we began television and radio ministries… unimaginable until someone decided to rethink modern communication avenues. Now the internet, film and the arts are being used as a gateway for conversations over the gospel… all unimaginable until someone decided to rethink. Here’s a little secret for everyone: most inventors of these technologies were not believers. We actually had to learn innovation and technology from those who are “dead” **gasp**

Every era has those who are late adopters of technology and innovation, but the next generation never even thinks twice about using it. I mean, today we don’t even blink when publishing printed material. So, if these ODMs really want to practice what they preach, shut down the websites, stop printing materials, stop making films, stop selling DVDs and CDs, stop using paypal for online donations, shut down the radio stations, and go back to just preaching. Or, maybe rethinking the world is not such a bad idea after all.

On a side note… I think the longer that we have lived “alive in Christ”, the easier it is to slip into a appathetic and cynical attitude towards those who are still dead in their sin. Let us always remember where we have come from, and always passionately strive to help awaken the dead.

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One C?N writer posted this article yesterday, entitled

The Marks of Such as Believe in Christ – Part6

Do Not Pass Judgement on One Another

‘nough said.  The mark of a true believe is that they do not pass jusdgement on one another.  There is enough irony there for you to ponder over all day long. 

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