Once again, Mike Corley gives us a fair and balanced discussion on the issues that most ODMs address.  Here, rather than make blanket claims about this ministry, he actually goes and visits them.  I know it is a novel concept — open and honest conversation over the issues.  His trip to St. Louis to visit with Jonathan McIntosh seemed very productive.  They discussed the controversial Theology at Bottleworks event, essentially doing church in a bar.  And, while he certainly does not agree on all the issues, he has gained an understanding of why and how this church does what it does.  For example, he realized that no one was throwing beer back and getting sloshed.  He also experienced first hand a true postmodern culture, and the difficulties that come with ministering in that context.

It is a hard thing to admit you’re wrong, especially when you make a living off of showing the world who is wrong.  It is even harder to change in a culture that despises change and clings to tradition.  Please listen to Mike’s show here, and support what he is doing.  I think that we can once again all learn from this man’s ministry.

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1   Darren Sapp    http://www.vaporministries.blogspot.com/
January 24th, 2008 at 10:44 pm

I met Mike for dinner a couple of months ago and we had a great visit. What you are seeing by his program and ministry is what he is like in person. I appreciate his humility, fairness, and passion.