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Recently one of my fellow “Truth War” warriors who are fighting by my side sent me a link to a book called The Better Hour: Lessons from William Wilberforce.

Rick Warren wrote the Foreword in it so we all know it is just about his own ego-driven-lies!

Let’s just say, HERETIC!

If Jesus read this book filled with heresy He would vomit. I agree with the great apostle Paul as he states in 1 Thessalonians 3:” …no one would be unsettled by these trials. You know quite well that we were destined for them.”

If John MacArthur read it he would drop dead from all the heretical things Rick Warren states!

We all know that Rick Warren is the antichrist and is pushing through the United Nations his plan for a purpose driven world! I have a source who attended one time Saddleback that told me Rick Warren is the head of the Illuminati!

Anyone who even hears the name Rick Warren knows that God has already judged and condemned this man. Oh, when will all those girly-grace- loving-hippy-pot-smokin’-beer swilling-gay loving-semi-plagioclase-filled hearts realize that God hates sinners.

God is angry and if we do not all repent and return to the “workman approved” doctrine. Then we might as well hand everyone over to Satan now. I mean the emergents already are with their mystical – labyrinth -candle-couch driven drivel they call “church”. I mean it is the Great Commission not missional. Missional is not even in the Bible!

To quote Tozer:

“The poor quality of Christian that grows out of our modern evangelistic meeting may be accounted for by the absence of real repentance accompanying the initial spiritual experience of the converts. And the absence of repentance is the result of an inadequate view of sin and sinfulness held by those who present themselves in the inquiry room.”

I can’t wait till the fires of Hell bring them the Truth of Christ!  I see that they must not be saved as they have no idea and dead man can’t save themselves… they better repent fro their postmodern anti Truth Gospel!

God is sovereign and in that we must protect Him and His Holy Truth.  If we the Holy Elect of God do not make a stand, books like this will come out and destroy the American way of life and the Gospel that we hold so near.

The only thing that is missing is endorsements from Brian McLaren and Tony Campolo. YEP THAT WOULD MAKE IT A NEW RICK WARREN BEST SELLER! OR SHOULD I STATE, BEST SELL OUT!

I will now close with this quote from Tozer and my comments.
“THE MAN WHO IS SERIOUSLY CONVINCED that he deserves to go to hell is not likely to go there, while the man who believes that he is worthy of heaven will certainly never enter that blessed place.”

Tozer is so right! Rick Warren so seriously is heading to hell unlike those of us who are the true Elect of Calvin’s Reformed God who also hate Christian Mystics like me! Now, I have written extensively on the dangers of Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven Theology here and it shows that my research* is right on where this is all heading. Pigheaded Satanists rejoice over the Gospel of The Crucified Christ not being preached at those PDL churches! We know that God does not have a plan for you life or any purpose for you when you get truly saved. Heretics add lies like this all the time!

The Greatest Biblical teacher of all history except Jesus and Paul themselves, John MacArthur stated once, “How can people under stand anything about love if they don’t understand God’s hate?” and I agree! We need to get the Truth out that God hates us all and just by Grace some of us are saved by The Great Predestined plan of God as taught by the Great Reformers that Rick Warren has decided to desecrate as he defecates on their blood and even worse their writings.

People like Rick Warren and the emergents make me sick with their lack of training and denial of the Truth Doctrines of Grace that hold us secure in God’s grace.

May the Lord make your love increase and overflow for each other and for everyone else, just as ours does for you,

I Todyaso

*My lawyers asked me to define “research” as “just my opinion”

(the above work was done on commission for matb. All complaints should go to him. It was done in the spirit of Humor Day. The original author did revise some grammer.)

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Nashville, for Christian music listeners, is a love-it-or-hate-it city.  In terms of launching the Christian music “industry”, Nashville was ground zero.  While Christian music afficianados have thanks to give to some brave, faithful folks there, the marriage of the recording business and Christian artists has always been a rocky one.
The late Rich Mullins had all sorts of uncharitable things to say about the recording industry there, most of which I thoroughly agreed with the more I got to know about it.  Record deals which removed most creative control of production from all but a few artists, bottom-line-driven practices contra to biblical teaching were just a few among a plethora of ways that the “Christian” music industry sold out the artists who worked in it.  Some, like Leslie Phillips (now Sam Phillips), became so disillusioned that they struggled with their own faith.  Others, like Mullins, spent as little time as possible in Nashville, using music as ‘tent-making’ for their passions in ministry, while still others escaped from the core of the industry, relying on alliances with other artists for promotion and other services usually provided by the industry.
The recording industry model, across most generes, has been noted as a key cause in the gradual decline in record company-produced musical quality over the past couple of decades.  Since much of Christian music was already late to the party, while production quality greatly improved over that same timeframe, most Christian radio suffers from bland, uninspired fare, with only a few notable exceptions like Third Day, Chris Tomlin and Mercy Me.

It appears that a change in business model may have reached a tipping point, for which Christian artists and their supporters should take heart.  It is being reported that U2 and Michael W. Smith are both poised to follow the lead of some other big-name artists by dumping the recording industry and going with a more DTC model, via Live Nation.

at least two more big acts are in talks with Live Nation along similar lines. The most surprising of these is U2, which has spent its entire career on either Island Records or a company connected to it, Interscope. They are all part of the Universal Music Group.

[...] The other artist I’m told is talking to Live Nation is Christian singer Michael W. Smith. The singer records for Franklin, Tenn.-based Reunion Records and has an enormous following in the Christian niche market.

As more and more music moves to a DTC model, like iTunes, and artists use distribution networks rather than recording studios, this bodes well for both quality, variety and content of music in the future.  While getting radio, particularly Christian radio, to respond to a shift in models may be hard coming, the liklihood of an improvement in artistic quality seems much nearer.

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I am going to believe the best, and say that the General Editor at CRN is not as ignorant as this article seems to show. For the last time, when Rick Warren said, “the future of the world is not secularism, it’s religious pluralism”, we was not advocating for one global religion. He was simply stating the facts. Just like when I say, “the future of my friend with cancer appears to not be a long life, but an early death”, I am not advocating the ending of her life. I am simply stating where things are headed. So, I hope we do not see a plethora of posts about how Warren is calling for one big global religion, or accepts all religions as true.

But, when you say things like

Richard Mouw, president of Fuller Theological Seminary (FTS), and his embracing of apostate Roman Catholicism as a Christian denomination it would appear Rick Warren is not the only one interested in a future of Global religious pluralism…And apparently this religious pluralism extends to non-Christian cults as well.

It does not make sense. If it was meant to be a jab at Warren, it was not very good. If it was meant to show that cults would be a part of a religiously plural society, you as simply stating the obvious.


I laughed so hard at this video. The music, the captions, the exclamation marks! Check it out

YouTube Preview Image
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If on Tuesday, February 5th  you happened to be at the mall at the same time as my family you would perhaps notice that we are all decked out with shirts and hats from the latest Super Bowl in Glendale, Arizona. Perhaps you might even say to yourself, “Lucky dogs they got to go to the Super Bowl. It must be nice to have that kind of money.”

That’s perception.

Reality? My sister, who lives in Arizona, arrived yesterday for a visit. Her flight from Phoenix to Chicago was rescheduled, so she had a lot of time on her hands. So,my sister, doing what she LOVES to do, shopped the Airport stores looking for gifts for each of us. We all now own a hat or shirt that advertises the Super Bowl game that will take place on February 3rd in Glendale, Arizona. The hats and shirts will be the closest we ever get to a Super Bowl.

As you can see there is a big difference between the perception of the first paragraph and the reality of the second.

In Evangelicalism, perception IS reality. It doesn’t matter what you believe. Truth doesn’t matter. What others perceive your truth to be….that is what matters. It is quite common in Evangelicalism to tar other people with labels like heretic or declare people deniers of the gospel. It doesn’t matter what the truth is. All that matters is what the critic percevies the truth to  be. When challenged about their false perceptions, the critic attempts to sidestep the issue by playing the guilt by association game.

The guilt by association game works like this: “You have a link on your website to Rob Bell, Donald Miller, Brian, McLaren, Billy Graham, etc so you must be ___________________.” (fill in the blank with perceived judgment)  If you drink or smoke or do any of the things perceived as wrong by the morality police then you are jusged as  worldly or even unsaved. If something is perceived to be worldly then it is worldly. Truth doesn’t matter.

For all the blather in many Evangelical circles about truth, I am not convinced truth really matters. It is all about perception. I have been accused several times of denying or compromising the gospel. Never mind the fact that  NO proof for that assertion exists. In fact, I will give someone a 100.00 if they can show one instance where I deny the gospel. I figure that 100.00 is never going to leave my bank account. But, truth doesn’t matter. I defend Rob Bell, and Rob Bell denies the gospel, so I am guilty by association. (and BTW, I do not believe Rob Bell denies the gospel.)

Years ago, I preached in a little Baptist Church in Utica, Ohio. When it came time to collect the offering the pastor put a blank, folded piece of paper in the offering plate. He told me afterward, that it was important for  Church members to “see” (perception) him giving, so when he didn’t have anything to give, he put in a blank piece of paper. Once again, it is all about  perception.

Sometimes, I wonder how much of my Christian life is built on perception rather than reality. As a minister, I learned quickly how to act the part of a super-spiritual Christian.  Reality didn’t matter. All that mattered is that people perceived their minister to be a “man of gawd”.

I wonder if our Churches could really handle reality? Honest, open, confrontational, loving reality.

Your thoughts?

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Last year, Rick Frueh granted us a gift with “Humor Day”, an event that (at least I thought) was greatly needed and edifying to readers and writers alike. In this spirit, I’d like to open today as “Humor Day: Part Deux”. Since I’m not sure I could say it any better, here’s the premise, as described last year by Rick:

Serious discussion can still continue, but I am inviting humor from every perspective. Good hearted, clean (please), pointed, self demeaning, all kinds of humor. No taking offense, save it for tomorrow. Let’s laugh a little and remember we are all in the same family!!

Have at it!

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