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In this podcast Joe Martino, Chris Lyons and Tim Reed discuss the use of buildings by churches. Download it here, or listen to it below.

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Today Ingrid claimed that “Brian McLaren calls hell and the cross is false advertising for God.”
This is her evidence.

Anyone find anything on that page that would suggest this is Brian’s stance?  Anyone? 

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I’ve been studying more recently on the the use of parable, example and story vs. expository teaching, as the former methods have been proven to be much more “sticky” (i.e. getting the message to ’stick’) when teaching principles to adults than the latter.

In this light, I was wondering what a series of parables or stories might look like when framing the debate between ODM’s and the all-encompassing ECM ‘menace’.  And here on my lunch break, this video might do well in symbolizing some aspects of the non-”conversation” between the two in many venues…

YouTube Preview Image

I like this example because you can’t clearly show that either the cop/ODM or the kid/ECM was completely in the right in their actions, and you can see how each can become a stereotype that is completely non-indicative of their demographic, as a whole.

(Note to self:  Police officers don’t like to be called “dude”. File next to: They don’t like “bro” either…)

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