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I think the Editor at CRN may need to brush up on his talking points.  In the span of the last two days we have been treated to three stories on the Emerging Church.  The first one says that Emergent thinking is swallowing youth.  Oh no!  Sounds scary, right?

The next story says the Emerging Church is receding.  Phew, that was close!

Wait, what’s this?  This article says that Brian McLaren “continues to gain more and more acceptance within the mainstream evangelical camp”.  Oh no!  Panic again!

As a reader, I wonder who edits the Editor?  We got a story to sell here boys!  Either the EC means impending doom, or it can be laughed off.  Let’s get our facts straight for once.

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Ingrid recently went on a rant about how compromising and heretical Chuck Colson is. She really had no argument for how compromising or heretical what he had to say was. Her whole argument went as followed

  1. Chuck Colson is a heretic because a spoke at a conference sponsored by an unorthodox church
  2. Chuck Colson is a heretic because he accepted a cash award from an unorthodox religious organization

First off, I was at the ReThink conference, and Chuck Colson was more than orthodox in everything that he had to say. In fact, he was somewhat boring because what he had to say has been said for years and years. If any believer had the opportunity to speak truth, let alone in a place where the truth is often skewed, they should jump at the chance to do so.

Second, why are we not celebrating when the religions of the world recognize Christianity as the one community that is leading the way in actually doing what the scriptures say? I mean, if an organization comprised of people who were “strapping unicorn horns onto their heads and leaping through the hotel lobbies” sees that Christianity is actually making an impact on the world… throw a party! Don’t criticize someone for accepting the recognition.

Using the logic behind this article, Jesus and Paul were probably shining examples of heretics. Preaching among pagan leaders, accepting recognition from whores, thieves and drunkards, and drinking wine on top of all that! Man… why would anyone ever listen to what they had to say?

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