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Sometimes, if you skip the logical progress in your gearbox, that is 5th to 4th to 3rd… if you try and drop from 5th to 2nd you’ll grind your gears.  It’s not a good idea, it’s hard on your transmission. If we employ this metaphor to a recent post at Slice – if we dropped gears as abruptly and out of sync as the logic in this post, we’d be leaving pieces of our transmission all over the road.

The subject is a video from GetSelfCentered.  The video is pretty self explanatory and visiting the website gives more of the same New Age looking rhetoric (As a side not it’s interesting to note  “the worlds” use of cliché’s and drivel as well).  Clearly this is something that looks completely non-Christian.

Then the swipe, the illogical leap, the grinding of gears and shredding of parts… her application: “Meditation is the common link to the New Spirituality —from Rob Bell’s church to all of the world religions.”

Meditation is as biblical as prayer, fasting, or worship.  Yet, because other religions use it we are now forbidden from doing the same.  Because the “New Spirituality” employs meditation, Christians who do so are somehow linked to them.

Muslims pray, therefore, employing this logic we should not; lest we find ourselves linked in a common practice.

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