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I think this article by Ingrid presents some good definitions of biblical mediation.  I would only have two things to say

  1. I don’t know of too many people who would say that as a Christian, our goal is to empty our mind in meditation.  Even most of the big bad emergents that she has criticizes for their meditative technique, including youth specialties, would say that the goal is not to remove everything from our minds.  In fact, the opposite would be true… to fill our minds with the scriptures and the person of Christ.
  2. Having that said, how do the meditation practices of those she criticizes err from her definition?  Repeating the Word of God, thinking about the attributes of God, praying while meditating are all included in the meditation of those written about.  I don’t see too many people calling for us to chant to the spirit-beings, emptying our souls to find nirvana.  No one is asking us to channel our chi and focus our chakra.
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This is a quote from and interview with J.K. Rowling, author of Harry Potter, from 

The newly released edition of the Edinburgh University Student newspaper, the oldest student newspaper in the UK, includes an interview with Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling.  In the interview Rowling claims to have received death threats from Christians opposed to her novels, calling Christian ‘fundamentalists’ “dangerous” and comparing them by inference to Islamic fundamentalists.

Asked if there were not some Christians who dislike the book ‘intensely’, Rowling replied, “Oh, vehemently and they send death threats”…

And the ODMs still wonder why many people don’t believe us when we say that we are a religion of peace, love and joy.

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