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This was recently submitted by Dave Marriott

I saw this via a link at

As far as I am concerned, the case is closed on Doug Pagitt and Rob Bell…

I am schocked you folks haven’t said anything about this yet…

Thanks for the submission, Dave. You know, If I was invited to join a conversation on spirituality with arguably one of the most influential figures in the world, I would be ecstatic at the opportunity. Imagine the influence that Bell is being given here! He is literally going to have influence over some of the most influential spiritual figures in the history of humanity.

You see, there are two very different responses that one could have to an invitation like this

A. We see this as a vile, universalism event. We reject the invitation in the name of Christianity and the One True God. This obviously would send a crystal clear message to them, and set us apart as having a “one-road to heaven” theology. Understand that I hold strongly to all those theological issues… one god, one way, no other way to heaven. However, by doing this, we must realize that we are bowing out of the global conversation on youth spirituality, and will have little to no influence in this process. The world will move forward in their agenda to convert the young people of the nations, leaving us whining and complaining about how bad the world is years later. I liken this choice to not voting for the president and then complaining about all of the bad decisions later. If you do not put your two cents in at the beginning, you have no right to criticize the global movement that will happen later.

B. We accept the invitation and have influence on the influencers of the world. Bell of Pagitt have not been asked to change their theology, tone down their beliefs or sign a global statement of faith. They have a free platform to shape the spirituality of young people on a huge level. Now, Bell might not convert the Dali Lama that day. However, this is a foot in the door to begin to have discussions with some of the most powerful religious leaders of the world. Imagine if Bell became one of the spiritual advisers for the Buddhist world… imagine the impact he could have with changing their view of Christ.

I pick B. Why is it that the ODMs believe that if we even enter into a conversation with non-beleivers, suddenly we are denying our faith and calling for a one-world-religion. Here is a classic example of Christian isolationism…

20-30 years ago, Disney calls together evangelical leaders to help with the growing number of homosexuals that were joining their organization. They knew that they needed some help if they were going to have an impact on the gay community. After a long debate, the SBC came back to Disney and said that they were against homosexuality and were unwilling to help. It was not their place to do so.

So, the issue grows and grows until Disney is finally forced to give homosexual partners health insurance and benefits. And how does the SBC respond? With a national boycott on Disney for being a “gay-friendly” company, filling our young minds with homosexual perversion. Is there something wrong with this picture?

If you aren’t willing to at least try to solve the problem, don’t complain about the massive movement of problems later on!

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