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Every once in a while someone posts a comments accusing “us” of never agreeing with anything Ingrid posts on her ODM site.  I’m not sure what this charge is supposed to prove other than maybe we’re just trolls or knee-jerks… anyway, when the charge is made “we” usually respond with a bit about her use of guilt-by-association, caustic style, her condescension, her…  well, you know.

But here is a post that is really something we (or at least I) can agree on, something of which we should be aware.  Though, quite frankly, if I had a family member caught up in it I think I’d send them elsewhere for help.

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Looks like the ODMs have been busy usurping God’s throne again, this time by deciding who Christ is allowed to be a propitiation for.

Here an anonymous coward puts on his Pope hat and ex communicates Highland Baptist Church for daring to study the work of Brian McLaren.

Here another, or the same anonymous coward uses scare quotes to let us know that all those emergents who don’t vote the proper way aren’t really Christians.

Lately we’ve been hearing so much about how non-ODMs don’t fear God enough, at least we fear Him enough to stay off his throne.

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Read it all

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