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The Road WarriorSeveral months ago, I chronicled my learning experience on the workings of the Wikipedia and the small-minded ways in which some Christians were trying to make this their new digital battlefield for TruthTM (which should never be confused for truth). Now a grizzled veteran in the ways of Wiki and the TruthTM wars within its pages, more stories have accumulated along the way…

A few will I share today, though I am sure some are not yet complete, and yet others will meet me on the road ahead.


Amazingly, along the road, I’ve met some Christian brothers whose capacity for disagreement sits somewhere below ‘E’ on most reasonable scales.

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Heretic InkblotRorschach inkblot test:

The theory behind the test, created by Hermann Rorschach, is that the test taker’s spontaneous or unrehearsed responses reveal deep secrets or significant information about the taker’s personality or innermost thoughts.

One application of this pseudo-science test is that the Rorschach test reveals the common biases of the subject taking the test. Today, one can witness this particular phenomena in the response to Rob Bell’s approximately 2 minutes of speaking time at the Seeds of Compassion event in Seattle, WA.

The Setup

The context of the event is that 15 representatives of different religions were invited to a panel discussion (which is different than being given a lecture with free reign of topics) on Sprituality & Youth, along with the Dali Lama and Desmond Tutu. Rob Bell, the teaching pastor at Mars Hill Bible Church in Grand Rapids, MI, was one of the invited panelists. During the 3-4 hour session, he was (according to the A Little Leaven) given two questions, for which he had approximately 2-3 minutes of mic-time.

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