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Of the crazy, whacked-out cults out there, Scientology often makes Momonism (even the goofy Texas-polygamist-sex-cult flavor) look tame. What has kept much of its wackiness out of the spotlight, though, is its willingness and capability to use legal force and withering lawsuits to stifle criticism/exposure of their beliefs (see South Park video for a peek at some of the weirdness that is Scientology).

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It seems that some the CoS’ tactics have now backfiredWikileaks, a site that specializes in Freedom of Information, obtained a boatload of Scientology documents from an ex-cult member.  The CoS threatened a lawsuit against Wikileaks, and in response, WL decided to push ahead of schedule and release thousands of pages of CoS documents in the coming weeks.

For discernment folks looking for a good place to discern, this trove of documents (which may not be available long if a lawsuit were to prevail) would likely be a wealth of information for helping de-brainwash folks coming out of the CoS, and to help stop people from entering in the first place…

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