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It’s kind of rare that I find something in the “Christian” music market that I can recommend to people, but one exception throughout the years has been Justin McRoberts.  I don’t even know if it’s completely accurate to say he’s part of the Christian market, since he releases all of his music independently.  But He is a Christian, and he still writes a lot of his songs with a Christian audience in mind.

McRobert’s new album is entitled Deconstruction, and though the word has gotten a lot press recently, I find the lyrics to be quite poignant and challenging.  I find that God has gifted certain people to express things I would like to say better than I possibly could.

© Justin McRoberts 2008 Five Foot Six and a Half Music (ASCAP)

I am comfortable with deconstruction
I am comfortable with doubt
It’s the assurance that I’m right about the mystery
The assurance that you’re wrong that I can do without

So everything I knew about you
Everything I thought I knew
I’d tear it down and I would leave it all in pieces
If finally what it means is that I’m left with only you

They say it’s not about religion
But then they tell you how to think
They say it’s all about the way you understand it
Then they tell you what it means that you’ve experienced these things

They say it’s not about performance
They say it’s all about the heart
But every critic with his pen or his computer
Talks about effectiveness and not about the art

If you’d like to hear the song, it should come up on the embedded player on McRobert’s website.  I highly recommend that you check him out if you haven’t before.

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Todd Friel of Way of the Master surprised just about everyone and endorsed Mark Driscoll.

Now if God is truly speaking to these “discerners”, why they can’t be consistent in their pronouncements for or against someone? Just to update everyone’s score card:

Steve Camp – thinks Driscoll’s apostate
Ken Silva – thinks Driscoll’s apostate
Ingrid – thinks Driscoll’s apostate
Mike Corely – did something ODMs don’t typically do and visited Mark Driscoll. He no longer thinks Driscoll’s apostate
Todd Friel/WOTM – now endorses Driscoll

To speak in modernist terms, either Driscoll’s apostate or he isn’t. There is no grey area. How are we to tell which ODM truly has the gift of discernment?

Since the ODMs pride themselves on certainty, I’m certainly getting confused by their mixed messages.

*On a side note, Driscoll preached a sermon on Creation this past Sunday. He argues that the Bible is not a comprehensive scientific textbook and instead tells the who and what was involved with Creation. He personally believes in “historic creationism”, however, leaves room for other believers to hold other views (even allowing for theistic evolution). The only view he argues against is Atheistic Evolution.

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