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Ingrid engages in guilt by association tactics again by trying to link Jeff Foxworthy’s belief’s with Ravi Zacharias because they appeared at the same event together.

The event in question occurred on September 13th, 2007 and was entitled, “Is America Really Christian?” After looking around the blogosphere for a bit I found two blog entries that contain first hand accounts of the event in question. The first has disappeared from the web, but Technorati saved a snapshot of it for us to enjoy:

Challenge to the soul September 14th, 2007 Yesterday we trekked through rain, wind, and traffic while heading to Atlanta to hear Ravi Zacharias and Michael Ramsden speak on the topic of “Is America Really Christian?” Such a strong, powerful, and passionate message of Jesus Christ who crosses all cultural boundaries

The other comes from a myspace blog:

they covered everything from various world-view philosophies – and the flaws in them to explaining in the most beautiful of terms Salvation — and what comes next!

Her account of the message delivered by Ravi and others continues:

in order for America to be “Christian”, the people that belong to America must be Christians.. not just in name, or because their grandmother and granddaddy were.. but because they were called, and they consciously made the decision to cast aside who they were — and become born again in Christ. <---- that really shot me straight in the heart, i mean -- how many people have i made the mistake of asking if they were Christians -- when i really should have been asking if they were a follower of Christ? do they know Him? have they known Him, but He's become one of those friends that they put away when they "grew up" and became a mature adult?
and, for us Christians -- have we become so "mature" in our lives that we no longer feel the "need" for God, unless something breaks down, or the money is getting tight..or a loved one is sick? in our minds, does God become a vending machine that we drop in a few good deeds for someone we may not like, or pray an eloquent prayer at Bible study, or even put a little extra in the offering basket -- and we expect to have our wants answered in a timely manner..and wonder why if the answer was "no"?

Doesn’t sound like Jesus is disappearing to me.

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