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New Orleans WatchdawgIt is sometimes breathtaking the lengths discernmentalists will go to fabricate a story. If you didn’t know they were serious, you’d think most of their articles were rejects from The Onion. Today’s example comes to us via the Boar’s Head Tavern:

No one can squeeze as much out of a single book in a seminary class booklist as free-range pope wannabe Ken Silva.

To what is Michael Spencer referring? It seems that Pastor/Teacher/President/(insert-your-favorite-important-sounding-title-here) Ken Silva has decided that the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary is paving the road to hell.


It seems the NOBTS has included a book by Richard Foster in one of its classes. Oh N03Z! Contemplative Mysticism is coming to get us all, and make us all into (gasp) Catholics!

[In reality, much of "Contemplative Mysticism" is a half-baked 'conspiracy' of supposed New Age-ishness and Catholicism concocted by the discernmentalist crowd, in an attempt to codify the Regulative Principal into daily practice. Is the New Age movement dangerous? Certainly. Unfortunately, Mr. Silva and his ilk do more to blur the lines between what is acceptable for personal meditation and what is pagan practice, fomenting slander and division within the church. In reality, it is little more than overwrought Catholiphobia writ large.]

It’s hard to even make it through the first paragraph without vomiting at the pompous slavishness, as “Pastor” Silva writes:

Apprising Ministries further alerting the Body of Christ to growing apostasy within the Southern Baptist Convention through the proliferation of Contemplative Spirituality/Mysticism. You’ll see that New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary is also promulgating The Cult of Guru Richard Foster as this SBC seminary uses the Quaker Swami’s Celebration of Discipline in one of their own courses on so-called “spiritual formation” as does Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary. The question is: Why does the “Protestant” SBC need to turn to a Quaker mystic for spiritual formation which is in direct counterpoint to the Reformation?

Aside from the unnecessary name-calling, Silva basically creates an army of straw men and GBA characterizations (aside from a complete lack of understanding of what gnosticism and mysticism are), that it’s sad that any Christians are drawn in by his utter hatred and foolishness toward the Body of Christ.

It seems that someone at the NOBTS has started peeling back the rock and examining the critters crawling around at Apprising ‘Ministries’, and Ken doesn’t like it:

Perhaps the idea was to brand me some kind of kook with the use of the rather hyperbolic descriptor “New Age” in front of mysticism. Maybe in this way the average reader might now likely be predisposed to just ignore anything I might say in the pieces linked within the SaNO post.

Maybe no branding is needed, but it is obvious to the reader that ‘kook’ is an adequate assessment, as one commenter on the NOBTS blogger’s site notes:

For the record, when Ken talks about “doing his homework”, a good chunk of that is simply linking to articles he himself has written. In just the article he posted in his comments, links to his own material outnumber links to other sites two to one. Don’t believe me? Go look for yourself.

But probably the best assessment of the pile of garbage that is Apprising ‘Ministries’ (two lies for the price of one!) is Michael Spencer’s:

I can’t believe that we still have people who link this constant slander. Silva is everything wrong with blogging, and the bloggers who link him are the rest of what’s wrong.

Well said, Michael!


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