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I’ve been catching up on my podcasts today and was listening to the Rob Bell sermon titled Exalted in My Body.

Here’s a sample:

Our world tells you and I that we are loved, valued and accepted by how good we are, how right we are, how well lined up we are. Our world tells us that God loves winners, that God loves achievers. Our world tells us that we’re loved valued and accepted by what we do. And the upside down nature of the wisdom of Christ is that God loves us simply because we are God’s children. The essence of the gospel is that we aren’t saved in our life in all of our goodness but that we are saved in our death. You can only understand the wisdom and saving love of Christ when you give up the game that God loves us for how good we are. God loves us period and Christ’s gospel is that you’re ok and you’re saved not in how good you are but in giving up that whole game in the first place. Its upside down logic. I’m rescued from my condition not when I continue to try to rescue myself but when I give it up and let God rescue me in Christ.

After reading that, consider everything the ODMs have said about Rob Bell. Sort of makes you wonder what they think orthodoxy is.

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