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Joe from the Evangelical Outpost asks this question:

How do you befriend someone who relishes what you despise? Can you show someone love while keeping your distance? If not, how do you draw near to someone who wallows in unrepentant sin? We’re told to follow the example of Jesus in loving our fellow sinners. However, we are rarely provided with practical advice on how to carry out this duty.

For instance, we Christians often speak about how Jesus was a friend to the sinners, how he would often be found in the company of drunks, gluttons, and prostitutes. In all of these cases, though, we are left with the impression that the sinners turned away from their sin. That seems to be the expected reaction to an encounter with the Messiah. Indeed, I can’t imagine how a prostitute could share bread and wine with Jesus and then go back to turning tricks on the street corner.

Still, it seems likely that some of them probably enjoyed Jesus’ company without being fully convicted of their sinful nature. How did he respond? How did his disciples interact with those people? And what do we do when we encounter those types of people today?

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Friends, we have known that for some time now the anti-Christian bias of the United States has been oppressing those of us who are the true, discerning, followers of Christ. It has now come to our attention that part of this oppression has come internally in the form of Christian websites spreading any and all salacious gossip about Christians they can find. What’s worse is they are working hand in hand with secular sources to do their work.

You can go here for a sample.

Hear the hiss.

For those that didn’t catch it, the tone of this post was parodying ODMs.

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