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Tony Jones posted the latest installment of his “On the Road with Trucker Frank” series today, webisode 5. In this clip Jones talks with two Evangelical pastors about their opinions on church planting, what people want in a church, and going to bars.

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The second pastor in the clip may be familiar to you, as he is none other than Pastorboy, a semi-regular commenter here at As is quite evident, he and Tony Jones don’t quite see eye to eye, especially on what God can and cannot do. Also, Emergent’s lack of statement of faith is a matter of contention. Perhaps one commenter on Jone’s blog sums up the difference in worldviews with this comment:

“Jesus is who the Bible says He is.”- you

“Well lets nail that down…”- other guy

There’s an interesting sentence.

I think there has been enough “nailing down” of Jesus already.

UPDATE: Here is a link to the entire, unedited interview.

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I have been reading about how the SBC is slowly becoming catholic for a while now. And, anyone who is a part of the convention knows that this is far from reality. There is a lot you can say about the SBC: irrelevancy to world around it, unbiblical guidelines for ministry, use of funds — all that to say, I am not one who always tows the party line. However, this connection that Watcher’s Lamp makes is strange to me.

They make the comparison between the catholic practices of the stations of the cross and the prayer journey with signs and symbols that will be taking place at the Convention this year. First off, let me say that the practice is very similar. It seems (from the two sentences provided) that participants will go from station to station, be reminded of an aspect of God with a symbol, and stop to pray. How horrible could that be? In either case, no one is praying to the icons or symbols. Nor is anyone confusing Catholic theology with that of SBC protestantism. I am sure it will be a series of pictures from the 10/40 window, baptist churches, and various other images that will remind pastors to repent, give thanksgiving, and pray for the needs of the world.

Why is it that we have such a hard time with symbols and icons in the Christian faith. I mean, it seems like Jesus was constantly using images and symbols when he spoke. Everything from mustard seeds to a lost coin became iconic for who we are to become, and how we are to live. Heck, I don’t think that anyone would argue that we should stop taking communion in remembrance of our Lord because the Catholics have created transubstantiation. I think Jesus understood that so much of our learning process is visual, not just auditory. If he set up symbols and icons to remind us of the truths of God, why shouldn’t we? Or are we dismissing it simply because the Catholics came up with it first?

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hip-hop beats and entertaining video mixed with theology — Really now? How worldly will we become in our attempt to make God relevant? This is the type of SBRWHTCD (Slowly Becoming Relevant While Holding To Calvin’s Doctrines) I have been telling you about! All this booty-shaking and hussy raising material in the church makes me sick.

sorry Chris, couldn’t resist.

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Ok, this is a bit off topic. A little while back Jeff from Sterling Heights MI emailed me and asked me if we could put together a fantasy football league. And surprisingly, yes we can. So just to give everyone a heads up I’ll open up sign ups for it in late June, we’ll draft in late August. We’ll use Yahoo’s service, so if you don’t have an account you can sign up for one (its free). We’ll start out with one 12 team league, and if that fills up we’ll start up a second one.

This is open to everyone (even n00bs and ODMs).

The only thing we ask is your smack talk be void of theological and ideological themes.

Oh, and that you don’t cry when I beat you by 50 points.

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From Libertas (a conservative Showbiz blog my buddy John Kenneson introduced me to last year):

Though not a big fan of the fantasy genre, the first Narnia earned my eternal goodwill in a single scene. Any film that has Santa Claus handing out weapons to young children is a-okay by me.

Oh yeah – took my daughter to see Prince Caspian on Friday. It was an A+ in my book – especially so the next morning when E.T. was on TV – the stupid “enhanced” version that replaced all of the guns with walkie-talkies.

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