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Abraham Piper weighs in on some of the shortcomings of Christian modernity… in 22 words:

Opponents of postmodernism often judge texts according to what they would’ve meant, not realizing this is the self-creation of meaning they deplore.

In the comments he opines further:

I run into it almost every time I read an anti-postmodernist’s review of anything he disagrees with.

For example, every negative review I’ve ever seen of Rob Bell or Donald Miller, interprets their words to mean what the reviewer would have meant if he’d written them.

And, of course, since the reviewer would never in a million years write anything like Velvet Elvis or Blue Like Jazz, then they must be full of heresy.

Ooooh if you thought Steve Camp was anti-Abraham Piper before you can just imagine the capillary busting trauma that will result from this.

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From MMI:

So, what would you do if a Hooters-style restaurant decided to set up show directly across from your church? That’s what is happening to the First Prebyterian Church near Charlotte. Church members began circulation letters against the proposed Coyote Ugly Restaurant.

The Beerean puts it this way: “To be honest, I didn’t know what to think when I first read about the situation. I can understand where the church might be coming from. Most of us wouldn’t want a place that is known for half-dressed women using sex to sell booze to horny men moving in next to where we meet to worship. But the other side of me says this is a great opportunity. This is an opportunity to have the lost right at your front door. The people that go to this place, go to try to fill a void in their lives. Those that are in the church have the only thing that will ultimately fill that void. Jesus.”

Here’s more from the newspaper report…

So… what if this happened to your church? Would you oppose the restaurant? Or would you look at this as a great opportunity for more new people to make it into your neighborhood… people that need Jesus who you might be able to reach?

And if you chose the “let’s embrace this” thought… how would you actually use this restaurant as an opportunity to reach people, (and not just to go out and have some good wings after the service)?

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Not that I’m really keeping score but if I were Miley is way ahead in the apology count.

Found Here

TEEN star Miley Cyrus has told a Hannah Montana co-star she is “hurting” and wants to quit the Disney show after she received global criticism for her racy photo shoot in Vanity Fair magazine at the age of 15.
Hannah Montana’s Anna Maria Perez de Tagle, who plays Ashley Dewitt on the popular children’s show, said, “Sometimes I’ll talk to her on the phone and she’ll be like, ‘It’s really hard’ or ‘I’m really tired. I can’t do this,’ according to Showbizspy.

“It really hurt her inside,” says Perez de Tagle. “She didn’t know that people would look at it like that.”

Miley has since apologised for the risque photos, and Annie Leibovitz, the photographer behind the pictures, said she was sorry for any misinterpretation.

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