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I attended a city council meeting this evening where one of the council men made a motion on hiring city employees and said, “This is the way it should be and if the council decides to do it differently then I am going to vote no on new hires every time from now on no matter what.”  This came from a guy who is a Christian.  Ignoring for a moment how immature this attitude is, it is sometimes the stance we try to take on certain issues (usually issues we feel strongly about).  Those issues vary depending on the person, what kind of church or background they come from, problems they are dealing with currently, etc.

I don’t care what kind of worldview you have (or what kind you think you have), as a church culture in the U.S. we have moved past “This is how it is, I’m right, you’re wrong, deal with it.”  You may not realize it yet, but the moment you take that attitude on any issue, you immediately become irrelevant, regardless of whether you are right nor not.

The reason for your immediate irrelevancy is that you have closed your ears ensuring that you will not listen to the other person, and you have shut down dialogue, ensuring no chance of either of you growing in your understanding of truth.

We’ve all done this.  We all do it.  But as a culture we have moved past this into one of communication towards growth.  This is important for ministers and teachers who can no longer say “Thus saith the Lord” and expect everybody to agree.  The ironic thing about this is that it never worked that way anyway.  Sure, people would nod their heads and accept the voice of the church as authoritative, but the people did not grow, they did not live the authority of Christ in their lives.

This is just the way it is…

*Update – I’ve included some additional information upon request.

It’s an attitude, so it can come out with any issue. Like I said, I’ve done it. For the councilman, it was the issue of new hires. For some of my family, the issue is alcohol consumption, or the observance of communion on Sunday mornings. For me right now? Not sure, that’s part of why I wrote the article to reflect on how effectively I’m helping the people I serve transform. Am I understanding what is right and wrong and then just telling people that’s the way it is and getting mad when they don’t see it? Or am I working with the Spirit of God in bringing that person into the light of Truth so that they understand and want to live it too?

Also, here is a link to a great new article by David Crowder that I think speaks to this issue.  Go check it out.

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