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It has frustrated many of the authors on this site for quite some time how some people can’t seem to grasp certain concepts including but not limited to the flow of logic, logical fallacies, and literary devices (i.e. simile, metaphor, irony, etc.).  Now, to be fair, most of us missunderstand, or completely miss, the use of some of these some of the time.  Also to be fair, not all of us are as good at utilizing some of the terms and/or actually using the techniques as others.

I have a college education.  I’m also in graduate school.  When I’ve had good sleep and healthy food, I’m a fair writer, but I often have to look up terms and think through many of the things listed above.  When classes start again this fall, I’m sure I’ll be on Wikepedia every other hour looking up something I learned years ago (or never caught onto when I should have).  There may be times when all of us feel superior to another because they don’t understand what to us seems so obvious.  We do need to watch out for such times.  But most of the time, the authors here do not talk about and use the terms of logic and literary devices to degrade others.

Let us look for the best in each other and seek to better understand what those who disagree with us are saying.

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