I have no particular agenda in posting this–in fact, I’m afraid someone may have already posted it in the past. Anyhow, I’ve been listening closely to the lyrics of The Jesus Record the last couple of days and the more I listen, the more I am amazed at their depth, their honesty, their orthodoxy. Again, I have no agenda here, I just really love this song and I am looking forward to worship tomorrow morning. Have a happy Sunday.

Well, who’s that man who thinks He’s a prophet?
Well, I wonder if He’s got something up His sleeve
Where’s He from?
Who is His daddy?
There’s rumors He even thinks Himself a king
Of a kingdom of paupers
Simpletons and rogues
The whores all seem to love Him

And the drunks propose a toast
And they say, “Surely God is with us.
Well, surely God is with us.”

They say, “Surely God is with us today!”
Who’s that man who says He’s a preacher?
Well, He must be, He’s disturbing all our peace
Where’s He get off, and what is He hiding
And every word He says those fools believe
Who could move a mountain
Who would love their enemy
Who could rejoice in pain

And turn the other cheek
And still say, “Surely God is with us, Well, surely God is with us,”
Who’ll say, “Surely God is with us today, today!”
They say, “Surely God is with us Well, surely God is with us”

They say, “Surely God is with us”
Blessed are the poor in spirit
Heaven belongs to them

Blessed are those who make peace
They are God’s children

I Am the Bread of Life, and the Way”

You hear that Man, believe what He says!
Tell me, who’s that Man, they made Him a prisoner
They tortured Him and nailed Him to a tree
Well if He’s so bad, who did He threaten?
Did He deserve to die between two thieves?
See the scars and touch His wounds
He’s risen flesh and bone
Now the sinners have become the saints

And the lost have all come home
And they say, “Surely God is with us (Surely God is with us)
Well, surely God is with us,”
They say, “Surely God is with us today!” (Today!)
They say, “Surely God is with us Well, surely God is with us”
They say, “Surely God is with us today”

Isn’t the Kingdom of God an amazing, wonderful blessed place to belong? I’m so glad to be a loser.

Always for God’s Glory!

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1   Rick Frueh
September 7th, 2008 at 7:14 am

Jerry – Why do you think whores loved Him? Was it because He posted their sin? Was it because He had them stoned? Was it because He claimed they were ruining the culture?

Or was it because they were drawn to the forgiveness He offered?

2   Jerry
September 7th, 2008 at 12:49 pm


I think the ‘whores all loved him’ because he was a man who saw them as someone other than something to satisfy himself. He served them and didn’t expect them to serve him. He treated them like humans, like women created in the image of God, gave them dignity, respect, and honored them (think of Mary Magdalene; what honor she has been accorded!)

I have a suspicion that perhaps if Christians acted in such ways towards other marginalized groups of people in our culture they too might be attracted or ’seem to love’ him too.

That’s what I think.

3   Chris L
September 7th, 2008 at 1:22 pm

I played this once for special music in my old church, years ago. I think it’s the only time I’ll ever get away with singing the word “whore” in church…