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There are a great number of blog posts on the internet that have caused problems. Many writers for blogs, including us, have times where we don’t proofread, revise, or mull over what we have written. This is akin to (and some of it may actually be) stream of consciousness writing, where everything we think is written down. This is fine as a literary device for fictional and artistic work, but it can be a detriment to non-fiction writing that seeks to inform, encourage, reprove, challenge, and/or bring about change in others (among other things).

Because this blog and many of the ones we interact with have a purpose and because the posts contained therein often have an even more specific or refined goal, it is good for all of us who write to consider these questions (not original to me) before you hit the post/publish/submit button:

  1. Is what I wrote clear?
  2. Is it concise?
  3. Is it coherent?
  4. Is it considerate?
  5. Is it correct?

May God bless your writing as you seek to communicate well.

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