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Big Dog Little DogI find it interesting how the ODM’s love to find examples of Mega-churches “failing” in one way or another, and then using that “failure” to paint the entire movement with a brush so broad as to be unwieldable. In that light, I highly suspect that you won’t be reading about this study (or its rather high-profile publicity) or this study from those same purveyors of “truth” and “discernment”.

[NOTE: By bringing it up here, though, I would not be surprised if the study is linked/parsed/poo-poo'ed by the ODM's, just so as not to let good news go unwarped.]

From the Studies

Why won’t you hear about this?

Judge for yourself after reading the articles:

Ninety-two percent of megachurch members believe that hell “absolutely exists,” compared with just over three-quarters of small-church members, the survey found.

Because evangelical Christians are encouraged to share the Gospel with others, the Baylor researchers found that more than half of megachurch members said they shared their faith with strangers in the past month and more than 80 percent witness to friends — far more than those who attend small churches.

Researchers say that probably explains why four of 10 megachurch members say that at least half of their friends attend those congregations.

“None of the things we all believe about the megachurch is true,” said Dr. Rodney Stark, Distinguished Professor of the Social Sciences at Baylor and co-director of the ISR.

Even with congregations of more than 1,000 members, the Baylor Religion Survey found that megachurches surprisingly are more intimate communities than small congregations of less than 100 members [...]. Megachurch growth is mostly due to their members, who tend to witness to their friends, bringing them into the group, and witness to strangers, much more often than members of small churches.

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